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How to Configure RAID on a Dell

Last Updated 8 years ago

Watch this video to learn how to enter the RAID configuration utility and set a basic single RAID array on a Dell server using a PERC 6/I controller.

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0:28 Powering on - getting to the RAID controller BIOS
0:48 RAID 0 - striping
2:01 RAID 1 - mirroring
3:07 RAID 5 - parity
4:15 RAID 10 - striping + mirroring
5:27 Clearing your configuration

**Important notes: Once you’ve set up your RAID, do not move drives around unless they are hot swappable, or your RAID will be lost.
**RAID should not be a means for backing up data! If you rely on one server to store your data, you run the risk of losing everything.